Raring to Repair This August….

The Best Time For Lawn Care is Just Around the Corner

While we love the lovely long days of midsummer, at Garrick-Santo Landscape Co. we’re always looking forward to the fall and the magical date: August 15th. That’s because typically by mid to late august the threat of weeds and high heat has begun to wane and it’s the perfect time to make serious strides in lawn health.

Seed Lawn Replacement/Repair

Whether you need to start fresh with a new seed lawn or you just need a little help by overseeding — fall is the best time for germinating grass.

If your lawn has been neglected for years, has deep pits, bare spots and is more weeds that grass, we recommend starting fresh. We’ll turn over your existing soil, put in new loam, then broadcast fertilizer, lime and seed. Germination of the new lawn will start in 5-30 days. It will be sparse but this is the awkward teenage stage of grass. With proper maintenance, each germinated seedling has the potential to expand to cover the area the size of a hockey puck.

If 50 percent or more of the existing lawn is in good condition, overseeding rather than a full lawn replacement is a viable solution. Garrick-Santo can help identify what is causing the problem in your turf whether it’s grubs, lack of maintenance practices and then heal the damaged areas by reseeding.

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Aeration can be done by itself or as part of an overseeding program Spring or Fall. Aeration helps let turf “breathe” by breaking up compacted soil and thatch by pulling out small plugs of turf, roots and soil. This allows water and fertilizer to permeate into the root zone. Aeration is essential for healthy turf especially in high traffic areas that are prone to soil compaction.
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One of Garrick-Santo’s specialties is the Organic Amendment. Used as part of an aeration and overseeding program, an Organic Amendment will improve the soil by adding organic matter and makes it great for maintaining moisture and nutrients in soil. These fall maintenance services are a great way to prepare your lawn for next season and improve the overall health of your turf and improve your property value!

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