Awesome Autumn Annuals

Awesome Autumn Annuals Why Autumn Annual Flowers? When the summer color has faded but the trees are still full and green — there’s nothing that beckons the orange, reds and yellows of fall quite Autumn annuals. Cool Weather Color: Chrysanthemum Aster Pansies...

Fall Landscape/Lawn Packages

Fall Landscape/Lawn Packages Time to Revitalize Your Lawn Fall is the ideal time to make some serious strides in the health of your turf. The threat of weeds and hot summer days has passed and the change of seasons results in the perfect conditions for germinating...

Container Plantings

Container Plantings: The easy way to look Amazing! We Can’t Contain Our Excitement…  For Container Plantings At Garrick-Santo Landscape Company, we’re not shy to gloat about our Mandi Maloney’s horticultural gifts. When it comes to plant health and species selection,...