Update: Tall Ships Boston Update: Tall Ships Boston bhutbgy0lzhvsjdp39waNavy Yard Garden, Charlestown

Last weekend at the 2017 Sail Boston celebration, thousands of visitors from around the world arrived in Charlestown to celebrate and enjoy this international event.

This Spring Garrick-Santo’s Mandi Maloney has been working with the Navy Yard Gardens Association, an independent volunteer organization, to help renovate two dilapidated planting bed areas within the Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston.

Garrick-Santo designed and donated the professional plant designs for the recently renovated Navy Yard Gardens. Over 318 plantings were installed within both gardens, complete with drip irrigation, mulch and perennials.

Fund-raising Success

With the help of the community the Navy Yard Gardens Association raised over $25,000 dollars from individuals, organizations and businesses.

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The Association exceeded their original goal and added more perennials and annuals to fill in some open spots in both gardens. They also purchased three solar lights for the three cherry

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trees within the circle garden. There are funds remaining to create a small reserve fund and “seed” money for a future project. Stay tuned to see how Garrick-Santo contributes to this awesome cause!




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