Spring Garden Planting

Watering Instructions for a New Garden

Your new garden will take three to four weeks to establish. During this period water almost daily. Make sure the water pressure isn’t too strong, focus the water towards the base of the plant and hold the water there for 30 to 60 seconds.
Move the water to another plant or two, then return to the first so that each plant gets watered two or three times. Imagine the water moving through the soil to bottom of the plant’s root system. Your new plant’s leaves should not bend or droop. The initial establishment phase is over when the plant’s roots begin to develop into the soil around it.

True establishment takes one to two years depending on the plant species. Most perennials are established in one year, while shrubs may take two. During this period, water your garden water once a week when night temperatures are 40-50 ̊F. Water two times per week when night temperatures are above 60 ̊F. Below 40 ̊F your plants will not need water.

Use a rain gauge to tell you when you need to water. A rain event of more than 1⁄2 inch means you can skip a watering. After true establishment your garden will only need water during a drought period. If we have not had rain for more than seven to ten days, supplement with hand water.

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Other Helpful Tips

Planting in the proper area so the plant isn’t under stress is the best defense against poor growing conditions.
Remove any weeds around plants to prevent competition for water and nutrients. Weeds harbor insects and disease that may infect the garden plants.

Check plants regularly for insect and disease, this will reduce problems later in the season.

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