We Can’t Contain Our Excitement… 

For Container Plantings

At Garrick-Santo Landscape Company, we’re not shy to gloat about our Mandi Maloney’s horticultural gifts. When it comes to plant health and species selection, she’s our in-house expert. With each season Mandi still manages to wow us with her ability to blend the science and art of horticulture with her amazing container plantings.

Whether it’s bright annuals in the Summer or evergreen boughs in the depths of winter, Mandi has an undeniable eye for color, texture and form. What makes her planting design more than just pretty is her expertise in the life cycle of plants and depth of knowledge. If you’re looking to add life, color and art to your window boxes, or planters, or bed areas we can’t speak highly enough of our Mandi Maloney!

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