Plant of the Week: Boxwoods

Boxwoods are one of the most popular evergreen shrubs. These shrubs are commonly used for hedges and foundation plantings. These shrubs are also used as topiaries, which are shrubs that are pruned into a certain shape or animal.

Due to the density of the wood, its wood has been used in many different applications ranging from spoons, to chess pieces, to even musical instruments. If you are looking for a versatile shrub that will work in just about any landscape, look no further.

How to care for Boxwoods:

These are smaller evergreens that can grow from 1-20 ft tall and 2-8 ft wide, depending on type. Don’t be alarmed by the size that these can reach, they are slow growing and prefer shade. They can tolerate full sun, however they may bronze from the sun. They should be planted in an area that has good drainage.

Here are some benefits to pruning:

This shrub should be pruned or trimmed in the late spring or the summer. You can prune to fix damage due to bronzing or to create a shapely figure. But don’t over do it. Too much pruning will create an abundance of growth and make the shrub compact. This makes it harder for air and light to get to the inner plant and prevents you from clearing dead leaves and stems that can build up and harbor diseases.

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